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I help early-stage B2B companies maximize their revenue by using
the power of Hollywood storytelling.

Services | Alec Trachtenberg, B2B Sales Consultant, Go-to-Market Expert
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Not finding the right product-market fit and, in the end, missing sales targets can be a stressful situation for any early-stage company, which poses a potential threat to the health of your business.

Early-stage B2B companies that have difficulties growing may find themselves simply not doing enough outreach, not differentiating themselves enough from their competition, and not being easy enough to find. As a result, these companies fail to hit revenue targets, expand their customer base, and ultimately grow their business.


What are the other main reasons early-stage B2B and SaaS companies fail to expand their customer base and achieve their revenue objectives?


Only 47% of B2B companies have generally aligned sales and marketing teams.
A majority of product-led companies and technical founders have an insufficient amount of time, skills, or interest in dedicating their efforts in building a sales/marketing strategy that works.
42.5% of sales representatives require 10 months or more to become productive enough to contribute to company goals.
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SaaS Companies with a self-service model fail to break into mid-market and enterprise-level accounts due to a lack in expertise and resources.
80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up

Whether you have struggled with business development in the past, or don’t really have a culture that supports internal sales, I can help grow your business for less than the cost of a full-time sales team.

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You need a partner with experience building sales teams, generating a high volume of qualified meetings, creating go-to-market strategies, and implementing successful business development systems and processes. Most importantly, you need someone who can craft a compelling story around your company and product offering that would make any listener feel like they just watched an epic Hollywood blockbuster.


Sales Strategy &
Go-To-Market Consulting

I will craft your go-to-market strategy, refine your product-market fit, create compelling campaign collateral, and build a robust sales funnel.

Full-Cycle B2B Sales

I will manage the entire sales process for you, booking meetings and closing deals with qualified leads who match your Ideal Customer Profile.

Coaching & Speaking Engagements

I will coach you and your team on the best sales practices that will positively impact your sales process and increase your closing rate.

Services | Alec Trachtenberg, B2B Sales Consultant, Go-to-Market Expert


I am a sales strategist, film producer, and best-selling author who specializes in helping B2B startup companies maximize their revenue by embracing the art of Hollywood Storytelling. With my experience working in the movie industry, I have leveraged my storytelling skills to help technology entrepreneurs and early-stage companies map out their brand story and go-to-market strategy, define their ideal customer profile, and to build a repeatable and scalable sales process that succeeds.


Over the last decade, I have built and managed sales teams and business development programs from scratch at a variety of early-stage B2B SaaS startups. I’m an active salesperson who practices what I preach. I have booked hundreds of sales qualified meetings and have closed $3,000,000+ in revenue with Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Netflix, and Wayfair.


Interested in learning how I can do the same for you?

About Alec



Co-Founder & CEO at Strawberry Socials
Nancy Soni  Founder & CEO at PathMatch
"Alec has skillfully generated enablement materials and booked meetings with over 75+ companies closely aligned with our ideal customer profile. Some of these companies are now satisfied clients for our company. Alec is a great asset for any SaaS company aiming to develop an outbound sales strategy and build a robust sales playbook.”

Sammy Alderson

Co-Founder & CEO at Strawberry Socials

Founder & CEO at PathMatch
Nancy Soni  Founder & CEO at PathMatch
“Alec has been instrumental in building the GTM strategy and sales process at PathMatch. Not only is Alec very knowledgeable about SaaS sales strategies, he has also played a huge role in building out our CRM and prospecting tools. We recommend him for anyone who is looking to take their business development efforts to the next level.”

Nancy Soni

Founder & CEO at PathMatch



Coastart Productions

Coast ART Productions is a Los Angeles-based film production company founded by Alec Trachtenberg in 2012. Our internationally acclaimed feature horror film, The Cabin (2018), has acquired both domestic and international distribution and is currently available to watch on a variety of VOD streaming platforms such as Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, Vudu, and Tubi.

Lights, Camera, Sell

Whether you are a budding freelance cinematographer searching for your next gig, a first-time director ready to shoot your first feature film, or an indie producer acquiring funding for your next project, Lights, Camera, Sell will teach you how to succeed through strategic sales techniques used by cutting-edge tech startup companies.


Walking you through the five stages of the sales process, Alec shows you relevant case studies involving a variety of scenarios in the low-budget independent filmmaking process.


Lights, Camera, Sell  will:
  • Show you the negative myths surrounding salespeople formed by our media and society

  • Reveal best practices on asking the right questions

  • Explain how to present your ideas and services in a compelling way


"Alec successfully shows us how the outbound sales development strategies found in Silicon Valley technology companies can be directly applied to the daily activities of independent filmmakers across the globe. If you want to accomplish anything in filmmaking you need to embrace sales as a vital skill to learn."

Aaron Ross, Best-Selling Author of Predictable Revenue


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