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Are you concerned about your sales pipeline and achieving revenue targets?
Over the last decade, I have successfully contributed to revenue growth for a diverse range of early-stage companies in roles such as individual contributor, manager, and sales consultant. Allow me to help you scale revenue and take your company to the next level of growth.

Your Ticket to Revenue Growth

Leveraging my background as a film producer and storyteller, I've helped a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs in crafting compelling narratives for their companies and products and building a repeatable and scalable outbound sales process.

I’m a hard-hitting New Yorker who says it how it is, but I always do it with love and the confidence of knowing that you are more than capable of maximizing your returns. I am an active salesperson who practices what I preach. I am not afraid to push others out of their comfort zone and lead them to accomplish their goals.

In my process, I use a unique, data-driven approach to create scalable strategies that last. My method closely adapts with your company and ensures a path of ongoing growth and scalability. 

My Process



Onboarding & Sales Playbook Design

  • Assess your current sales process and techniques, brand voice, key competitors, value propositions, goals, and challenges surrounding your business development efforts

  •  Identify gaps and opportunities in your current sales strategy and build an execution plan for how we will achieve your sales targets

  • Create detailed ideal customer profiles (ICP) using demographic, psychographic, and geographic data

  • Use historical data to build powerful outbound email cadences, call scripts, and other enablement materials that effectively articulate your product

  • Conduct weekly strategy sessions where we cover sales pipelines, prospecting strategies, and other general updates


Sales Strategy & Go-To-Market Consulting

Hiring a sales consultant does not have to be complex or expensive. A team of high-priced “experts” armed with charts and graphs will not help you achieve revenue goals. As a bootstrapped start-up, all you need is a successful sales professional who knows best practices and how to implement them.


I tailor my sales consulting solutions to leverage your team’s strengths and effectively tackle your current unique business challenges.

This includes:

  • Organizational Deep Dive: Getting inside your organization, analyzing your sales process, and identifying how your team operates by meeting with members of your leadership team.

  • Strategic Recommendations: Providing detailed recommendations based on our initial conversation. Your company's sales strategy involves various factors such as messaging, buyer personas, value propositions, target markets, customers, competitors, sales channels, and more. I will work closely with you in building the necessary systems and collateral to effectively sell to your ideal customers.

  • Ongoing Sales Strategy Sessions: Holding weekly or bi-weekly sales strategy sessions to help improve sales performance. I will advise you on sales training, hiring support, sales playbook creation, and more.


I have been providing customized high-level organizational consulting for a variety of B2B companies in the software, e-commerce, and entertainment space. I also work closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their sales efforts.

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Full-Cycle B2B Inside Sales

Are you an early-stage B2B startup eager to scale your business but grappling with limited resources? My Full-Cycle Inside B2B Inside Sales services are tailor-made for startups like yours, propelling you toward unprecedented growth.

As an extension of your sales team, I can assist you in the following areas:

  • Market Research & Prospecting: I will collaborate with you to comprehend your market segments and targets aligned with your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).

  • Create Sales Enablement Collateral: Leveraging historical data, I'll craft compelling resources, encompassing case studies, one-sheets, sales presentations, call scripts, and other materials to bring you closer to acquiring new customers.

  • Establish a Domain-Friendly Outbound System: Alongside configuring your email's DKIM, MXS, and DNS records, I recommend establishing an email address using a domain separate from your company's website to ensure the preservation of your domain health.

  • Multi-Touch Outreach Sequences: Employing a variety of platforms like, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and MeetAlfred, I'll create messaging tailored to resonate with your ideal customer profile.

  • Manage the Sales Pipeline from Prospect to Close: This encompasses conducting product demos, executing email follow-ups, submitting proposals, and engaging in negotiations for contracts and renewals.

  • Provide Weekly Reporting & CRM Tracking: I will meet with you weekly to share updates on campaign performance, deal tracking, and more. All activities are traceable through the CRM, and comprehensive weekly reports are provided.

  • Build and Oversee the Sales Tech Stack: I will not only offer valuable recommendations but also take charge of the implementation and ongoing management of your sales team's technology stack. I will ensure that your operations are consistently optimized with the latest, most cost-efficient, and cutting-edge tools available in the market.

Whether it's a long-term engagement, strategic partnership, or a 6-month project, I will fully immerse myself in your business. Throughout our collaboration, I'll seamlessly integrate into your team, gaining access to internal systems, participating in weekly calls, and more.

Full-Cycle B2B Inside Sales

Sales Coaching

Whether you're launching a startup, aiming to double your income, or striving to secure the top position as the #1 salesperson at your company, my tailored sales coaching services are designed to support you throughout your journey. As your dedicated sales coach, I'm committed to pushing you towards and beyond your ambitious goals.

I will evaluate your prospecting practices, how you manage your time, and what needs to be taken off your plate so you can spend more time selling. Then, we will dive into how you are selling and what you can do to take your sales game to the next level.


My sales coaching services include:
  • Process Evaluation & Enhancement: I will evaluate your current process, sales style, and enablement materials so I can provide suggestions on ways to improve your approach so you can ultimately close more deals.

  • Tailored Sales Playbook: I will build a personalized sales bible that addresses your ideal customer targeting, tool stack, competitor analysis, objection handling resources, prospecting strategy, and more.

  • Team Structuring Guidance: I will provide guidance on structuring your sales team, hiring the best salespeople, and implementing tactics that help my clients to close deals with companies like Calvin Klein, Best Buy, and Verizon

  • Weekly Performance Meetings: I will meet with you on a weekly basis to review KPIs, sales pipeline, and to provide sales training for your team

I have been providing customized, one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs, software sales teams, and small business owners across the globe. Given the unique nature of each company and product, I will collaborate closely with you to optimize your capacity for effectively conveying the value and benefits associated with your offerings.

Sales Coaching


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