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Are you concerned about your sales pipeline and achieving revenue targets?
I have over a decade of experience driving revenue for a variety of B2B pre-seed and Series A startups as an individual contributor and a sales manager. 

Taking my experience as a film producer and storyteller, I have helped small business owners, CEOs of software companies, independent filmmakers, and digital entrepreneurs craft compelling stories of their companies and products and ultimately multiply their earnings. I’m a hard-hitting New Yorker who says it how it is, but I always do it with love and the confidence of knowing that you are more than capable of maximizing your returns. I am an active salesperson who practices what I preach, and I have doubled and tripled the companies I have worked for and my clients’ revenue over the years. I am not afraid to push others out of their comfort zone and lead them to accomplish their goals.

My Process


Onboarding & Sales Playbook Design

  • Assess your current sales process and techniques, brand voice, key competitors, value propositions, goals, and challenges surrounding your business development efforts

  •  Identify gaps and opportunities in your current sales strategy and build an execution plan for how we will achieve your sales targets

  • Create detailed ideal customer profiles (ICP) using demographic, psychographic, and geographic data

  • Use historical data to build powerful outbound email cadences, call scripts, and other enablement materials that effectively articulate your product

  • Conduct weekly strategy sessions where we cover sales pipelines, prospecting strategies, and other general updates


Sales Strategy & Go-To-Market Consulting

Hiring a sales consultant does not have to be complex or expensive. A team of high-priced “experts” armed with charts and graphs will not help you achieve revenue goals. As a bootstrapped start-up, all you need is a successful sales professional who knows best practices and how to implement them.


My sales consulting solutions are specific to your team’s strengths and will address the current issues of your business. To do this, I will:

  1. Get inside your organization, analyze your sales process, and identify how your team operates by meeting with members of your leadership team

  2. Provide detailed recommendations based on our initial conversation. Your company's sales strategy involves a variety of factors such as messaging, buyer personas, value propositions, target markets, customers, competitors, sales channels, and more. I will work closely with you in building the necessary systems and collateral to effectively sell to your ideal customers

  3.  Hold weekly or bi-weekly sales strategy sessions to help improve sales performance. I will advise you on sales training, hiring support, sales playbook creation, and more. I will also be available for support via Slack.


I have been providing customized high-level organizational consulting for a variety of B2B companies in the software, e-commerce, and entertainment space. I also work closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their sales efforts.

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Business Development & Appointment Setting

Are you short the manpower and looking for quick results and maximized revenue? Hire me to launch and run test campaigns to identify the right sales messaging, scripting, and channels to reach your ideal customers. I utilize both cold email and LinkedIn outreach to book a steady stream of meetings on your calendar.

My business development and appointment-setting services include:

  • Dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) who will source the right leads, connect, and share your unique value proposition, and ultimately book meetings with qualified prospects directly on your calendar

  • Weekly meetings to go over KPIs + availability for support via Slack.

  • Sales Development Playbook that covers your ideal customer targeting, tool stack, competitor analysis, prospecting strategy, and more

During our initial consultation, I will learn more about your company and product and will be able to help you build a sales development program that repeatedly generates meetings on your calendar, and that can easily scale as you grow your business.

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Sales Coaching

Starting your own business? Trying to increase your income from $400,000 to $500,000 a year? Trying to secure that next seed round of funding?


As your sales coach, I will work (and push you to work) to hit those difficult stretch goals.  I will evaluate your prospecting practices, how you manage your time, and what needs to be taken off your plate so you can spend more time selling. Then, we will dive into how you are selling and what you can do to take your sales game to the next level.


My sales coaching services include:
  • Sales Playbook that covers your ideal customer targeting, tool stack, competitor analysis, objection handling resources, prospecting strategy, and more

  • Guidance on structuring your sales team, hiring the best salespeople, and implementing tactics that help my clients to close deals with companies like Calvin Klein, Best Buy, and Verizon

  • Weekly meetings to review KPIs, sales pipeline, and to provide sales training for your team

I have been providing customized, one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs, software sales teams, and small business owners across the globe. 

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