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MelodyIQ, a dynamic player in the music technology industry, aimed to enhance its outbound prospecting efforts and streamline its sales processes. The team had initially been sending emails from Woodpecker and generating lead lists from UpWork, but they wanted to scale up their success. Recognizing the necessity for a nuanced sales strategy tailored to diverse ideal customer profiles, MelodyIQ enlisted Alec Trachtenberg to guide them.


Booked 75+ High Value Meetings:

Throughout the 6-month engagement, Alec booked over 75+ meetings with major stakeholders at both independent and major record labels, music distributors, music marketing agencies, and artist management companies.

Dedicated Domain Establishment & Email Reputation Management:

  • Created a separate email domain for outbound prospecting, safeguarding the main domain from potential negative impacts.

  • Implemented warmups for multiple email accounts across the team, maintaining high reputation and placement scores, ensuring absence from blacklists.

Sales Team Technology Stack Setup:

  • Seamlessly integrated primary prospecting platform,, with CRM system HubSpot for efficient management of contacts, companies, and deals.

  • Transferred data from their previous CRM, Streak, to HubSpot, establishing a streamlined process for managing deals, contacts, and companies.

Sales Enablement Materials:

  • Developed comprehensive buyer persona breakdowns for key personas across various segments in the music industry.

  • Crafted tailored email sequences for major record labels, indie labels, and music marketing agencies, enhancing engagement.

  • Utilized Notion to construct a sales playbook covering outbound prospecting, discovery questions, demos, brand positioning, and client relationship management.

  • Established a dedicated library for testimonials and case studies, facilitating the sharing of relevant content based on prospect roles and use cases.


MelodyIQ were able to substantially scale up their outbound outreach, streamlined processes and systems, and close many of the sales meetings set up by Alec. The strategic implementation led by Alec Trachtenberg helped MelodyIQ rethink their outbound prospecting strategy to facilitate sustained long term success in the competitive music technology market.

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