Are you a freelancer, small business owner, or entrepreneur who wants to generate more opportunities and revenue for your business? From 2019 to 2020, the companies I have worked with have averaged a 40% increase in revenue. Breaking records can and will be a way of life, and we will celebrate all of the triumphs along the way!

With over a decade of experience driving sales as an individual contributor and a sales manager for a variety of startup companies in the technology, digital, and entertainment space, I have collectively generated well over three million dollars in revenue. Taking my substantial experience and skillset in sales and communication, I have helped small business owners, CEOs of software companies, independent filmmakers, and e-commerce sellers multiply their profits. I may be only one person, but I am known to make things happen and deliver exceptional results. Most importantly I am not afraid to push others out of their comfort zone and lead them in accomplishing their goals. I’m a hard-hitting New Yorker who says it how it is, but I always do it with love and with the confidence of knowing that you are more than capable of maximizing your returns. I am an active salesperson who practices what I preach, and I have doubled and tripled the companies I have worked for and my clients’ revenue over the years.


my process


Identify, target, and engage your ideal customers

  • Create detailed profiles of your ideal customer's persona, using demographic, psychographic, and geographic data

  • Generate qualified lead lists of prospective customers that fit your ideal client profile

  • Build powerful and concise email sequences and call scripts that effectively articulate your product or service and the value you bring to the table

  • Set up customer relationship management (CRM) and email sequence tools to keep track of correspondence


Build rapport and uncover your prospect's pain points and goals

  • Perform an initial detailed analysis of your prospect and their company to better equip you for a successful discovery call

  • Formulate thought-provoking questions from the initial research of your prospect to better understand their pain-points and goals

  • Design a bullet-proof call agenda that effectively highlights the goals and topics of conversation

  • Highlight areas of rapport building and how to establish a positive relationship with your prospect from the get-go

value demonstration

Articulate the value of your product or service and establish


  • Utilize storytelling to inject emotion and connect with your prospect

  • Build proposals and sales materials, including pitch-decks, business plans, case-studies, one-sheets, etc. that express the merit of your offering

  • Connect your product or service’s value propositions to your prospect’s pain-points and goals

deal closing

Handle objections, ask for the sale, and get an agreement in writing

  • Break down the elements of a successful onboarding meeting

  • Resolve specific conflicts that may arise at any point during your relationship with a client

  • Use a positive attitude to exceed client expectations

  • Garner upsell and referral opportunities with your clients

service offerings

Business Meeting

Hire me as your personal sales coach

Sales coaching is sales training, mentoring, and a personal accountability partner all wrapped up in one. As a business with revenue goals, your challenges look a lot different than others. One-on-one sales coaching provides a unique solution to your unique challenges.


As your Sales Coach, I will work (and push you to work) to hit those difficult stretch goals. Starting your own business? Trying to increase your income from $400,000 to $500,000 a year (or from $700,000 to a million)?  I will evaluate your prospecting practices, how you manage your time, and what needs to be taken off your plate so you can spend more time selling. Then, we will dive into how you are selling and what you can do to take your sales game to the next level.


I have been providing customized, one-on-one coaching for top freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners across the country. Contact me for a Sales Coaching Skype or Phone Consultation.

Business Meeting

bring me in as a sales consultant

Sales Consulting does not have to be complex or expensive. By no means do you need a team of high priced “experts” armed with charts and graphs. All you need is a proven, trustworthy sales professional who knows best practices and how to implement them. Someone with the skills and experience to help you adjust your processes; someone who can educate and motivate your team to start hitting their goals on a consistent basis.


My sales consulting solutions are specific to your team’s strengths and will address the current issues of your business. To do this, I need to get inside your organization and identify how your team operates. I will start by researching your team’s current situation. Next, I will provide detailed recommendations before we move any further. At that point, I can implement as much or as little of the overall plan that you want. Your organization’s sales strategy involves a variety factors in your sales environment – such as value proposition, target markets and customers, your offerings, sales channels, and other elements. My sales strategy consulting helps you improve sales performance by clarifying your sales strategy and aligning it with your business objectives and resources.


I have been providing customized high-level organizational consulting for a variety of entertainment, software, e-commerce, and advertising companies. Currently, I can only take on a limited number of organizational sales consulting clients. Contact me for an Organizational Sales Consulting Skype or Phone Consultation.


hire me as an independent contractor

Are you short the manpower and looking for quick results and maximized revenue? Hire me as an independent contractor and let me handle the sales responsibilities of your organization. Practicing my 5-step sales process (found below), I can help you and your team with anything from prospecting, discovery calls, value demonstration, deal closing, and relationship success.


As an independent contractor within your organization, I am practically on the front lines and will immerse myself in the foundation of your company, your products, and your services as if I were a full-time employee. I can do everything from building lead lists and reaching out your ideal clients, running informative discovery calls with prospects, presenting your product or service in a way that directly connects with a prospect’s pain points and goals, and more. I will bring more business opportunities to your company than you know what to do with.


Take a look at my sales history on my LinkedIn and learn more about how I singlehandedly grew revenue to levels that were unknown. Contact me for a Sales Independent Contractor Skype or Phone Consultation.

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